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Yellow Rice II

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 5 portion(s)

Ingredients for Yellow Rice II

1stemLemon grass
1tspTurmeric powder
500gJasmine Rice

Instructions for Yellow Rice II

To prepare the Yellow Rice II recipe, please follow these instructions:

Put the rice in a saucepan.
pour in kokusmælken and add enough water to cover the rice with 2 cm.
Buk lemon græssen so the folded together to 5 cm in length. tie a string on the stem and equal to the bound together down the middle of the pan. Add the Turmeric and Salt.
Boil the rice with the lid on until it boils. When it boils, remove the lid and stir in the rice so the turmeric is evenly divided. Turn down at the lowest burner and put the lid on. Let the rice simmer on in 25-30 minutes. Finito!

The rice is creamy and makes corresponding sauce close at unnecessary. The larger the pot the less water should be over the rice.

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