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Zuppa di cozze alla napoletana

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Zuppa di cozze alla napoletana

Good wheat bread
1pinchChili powder
1Great canned chopped peeled tomatoes (1 kg)
2000gFresh mussels
4tbspOlive oil
5clove(or more) garlic

Instructions for Zuppa di cozze alla napoletana

To prepare the Zuppa di cozze alla napoletana recipe, please follow these instructions:

Brush the mussels thoroughly under running cold water and remove the beard. Peel the garlic and chop them together with the rinsed parsley. Heat the oil in a large, low saucepan. Season garlic and parsley for a short while and add the tomatoes. Add chilli powder and a little salt (beware - mussel salts also). Let this tomato soup cook slowly. Then turn all the mussels in at one go. Turn up the heat and allow the mussels to steam with diligent stirring until everyone has opened (if someone does not open - then throw them). Shake the bread slices, either dried or crushed. Rub the bread slices with a fat garlic. Spread the mussels in hot deep plates and pour the tomato sauce over. Serve hot and heat the garlic bread. Season with pepper to taste. The mussels are eaten with your fingers and the shells are good, spooning the tomato sauce.