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English Christmascake

Cakes in form
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for English Christmascake

Chocolate leaves
optional Holly
1 dl "stroh-Rome" 60%
1 Orange peel and juice of which
1 tbsp Ground cinnamon
250 g Soft butter
250 g Wheat flour
250 g Sugar
3 Egg size l
350 g Chopped mixed fruit as URf.eks. sukat — Seville oranges – cocktail cherries-Candied Ginger-orange peel
400 g Currants
400 g Bright raisins
50 g Slipped ground almonds or hazelnuts

Instructions for English Christmascake

To prepare the English Christmascake recipe, please follow these instructions:

Butter a springform in str. 24-26 cm. in diameter and serve pages bottom and sides with baking paper and brush again with butter.

Mix the raisins, currants and it diced fruit in a bowl and pour the rum over. Tire Bowl with film (certain items should not venture to vaporize) and let it all pulling flavor in about an hour.

Beat the butter and the sugar and add the eggs one at a time, and thick. Next Add egg until butter and sugar have "admitted" it first. Between each egg, add the 1/3 part of the flour. This prevents the dough "separates". Then add orange zest and juice. So add it if necessary. remaining flour, cinnamon and the marinated fruits and almonds. A little at a time. Pour the batter into the prepared form and smooth surface out.

When the cake is baked, one must avoid that the outside gets too much heat, in relation to the center of the cake. This be done most easily by that packs a few layers of newspaper paper on springformen. Style form in a preheated oven at 150 degrees c. alm. oven and bake the 3-3 ½ hours.

Here is "test" on his seat knitting needles: If there's no dough hangs on "the stick", is the cake done. Otherwise, it gives you a little more. Not something to turn up the heat. This goes it's not faster.

Then take it out of the oven and let it rest for ½ hour before it moved onto wire rack to cool completely. As described above, it must now "draw" in 4-5 weeks in the fridge well wrapped up.

Then it's time for decorating: Find and flush URf.eks. Laurel-or kristtjørn leaves and rub them then with a little cooking oil on the underside. Melt a good chocolate (35 degrees) and brush it on the underside of the leaves. Let it stiffen and "kræng" gently the right leaf of chocolate. These leaves are used as garnish, along with URf.eks. real kristtjørn leaves and/or bunches of URf.eks. Rowan berries.

N.b.: we are now absolutely love Stroh-Rome, there are some that use, pricking holes in the cake with a knitting needle and then "drip" a little extra rom on the cake. Taste, as you know, is different.

Are you using the latter tips, you should probably let the car stand for the next day.

A cake that in keeping with tradition, is filled with lots of fruit.

It should preferably bake in week 47 or 48, to be perfect for the holidays. So has the time to stand and "pull" in the refrigerator in a heavy plastic bag, before it finally to garnish and serve for your Christmas guests. In our busy days, it may be an advantage to be slightly ahead.

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