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Milkshake-low fat%-low sugar%

Drinks (cold)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Milkshake-low fat%-low sugar%

optional Lemon balm el Mint for garnish (or just a few berries)
Fresh fruit/berries
Mini milk
optional Vaniliekorn (unsweetened)
Vanillieis "better for you" from the coop

Instructions for Milkshake-low fat%-low sugar%

To prepare the Milkshake-low fat%-low sugar% recipe, please follow these instructions:

1 glass: two to three tablespoons of ice cream
a splash of low-fat milk el-fat yogurht
lots of fresh fruit (not too sweet)

blend and server

very easy and quick-maybe it is too simple to since-but is too obvious/logical to hold and so is the delicious and without too much sugar. contains 5 g of fat per 100 g, max 3 and around (el sub) 21g of sugar per 100 g tip: (berries may be substituted with a wee bit of instant coffee dissolved in the milk-it is important it is koeffeinfrit because caffeine consumed while FAT lowers insulin levels so as to absorb the grease more/better!)

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