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Nesquik Lagkage Let

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8

Ingredients for Nesquik Lagkage Let

3 Pie bottoms
5 tbsp Nesquik cocoa powder
5 dl Whipped cream

Instructions for Nesquik Lagkage Let

To prepare the Nesquik Lagkage Let recipe, please follow these instructions:

Nesquik whipped to foam, along with whipping cream.
The "foam" is laid by law, between the Lagkage bunder. With about 2/7 foam (about 4 large spsk) between the first two layers. And then the rest 3/7 at the top and around the sides. Finished, welcome .. !!

1: The synthesis of "Rutebilslagskage" is better, but this is much quicker to make in "10" minutes. 2: You can also decorate with Crymmel. Strawberries or other fruit. 3: You can mix stuff in the teams, including bananas or the like. 4: Nesquik can be replaced by 125 grams of "lorries" in a bag crushed with a mug. Or Macro's 125 grams (Broken). As both are reversed after the flow is whipped stiff. 5: PS Nesquik can often be bought original 500 grams for 10-15 SEK at blaa Købmandsgaarden in Germany.

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