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Egg caviar with shrimps

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Egg caviar with shrimps

Lettuce leaves for garnish
2 Limes (or lemon)
2 dl Whipped cream
200 g Fresh lumpfish ROE (or red caviar on glass)
200 g Melted butter
3 Boneless herring
400 g "arrow even" shrimp
6 Hard boiled eggs

Instructions for Egg caviar with shrimps

To prepare the Egg caviar with shrimps recipe, please follow these instructions:

The eggs are peeled, cut into smaller pieces and placed in the blender. The boneless herring is added and it is purified, adding the cream gradually, until the mixture is smooth. The rest of the cream, the melted butter and the roast are turned in and salted and peppered with salt. A mold is wiped with damp baking soda, pour the mousse and refrigerate for several hours until it is stuck (possibly overnight)

Served on dish or serving with slices of lime, prawns and decked with dill. Flutes are served to.

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