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Vietnamese tan tan

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Vietnamese tan tan

Boil for 10 minutes pulling in 10 min
Strong sour sweet sauce ("instant vietmese sour soup")
1 Red pepper
1 Squash (in whole slices)
2 Small leeks (sliced)
3 dl Rice
3-4 clove Garlic
4 tbsp Chili/soya beans in oil
4 dl Boiling water (mix with sour sauce)
500 g Roughly chopped grisekød

Instructions for Vietnamese tan tan

To prepare the Vietnamese tan tan recipe, please follow these instructions:

A good oil is spread in the Pan/wok'en. Pork fried with chili/soy bean-oil ... Let the meat browned, and add water-soursauce mixture. Simmer 10-15 my ... (pour the gravy and meat on a plate before you start on the vegetables)
Leek, Zucchini and red pepper + garlic FRY in oil for 10 minutes then add the gravy and meat over, and let it stand for five minutes and simmer

four lethakkede basil leaves turned into the finished right.

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