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Sommerbuk with spring sensations

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Sommerbuk with spring sensations

1 dl Balsamic vinegar
1 dl Red wine
1.5 Spring cabbage
16 New mini carrots with top
16 Small spring onions
2 Lemons
2 dl Olive oil
20 Cereal whole pepper
20 New potatoes
4 twigs Fresh thyme
4 Medallioner of Red Roebuck (tenderloin)
4 dl Wildlife Fund
6-8 tbsp Red currant jelly
80 g Butter

Instructions for Sommerbuk with spring sensations

To prepare the Sommerbuk with spring sensations recipe, please follow these instructions:

Make the potatoes ready and cook the potatoes so they are ready for the main course

The sauce:
Bring "balsamic vinegar" on a hot forehead and let it boil a little. Add red wine and wild game. Let it boil a little. Season with salt, pepper and yellow until the sour from the vinegar is gone. Cold butter in the tern is whipped into the sauce just before serving.

The vegetables:
Mix the oil and lemon juice with 2 parts of water and pepper grains for the cooking layer of the vegetables. The layer is boiled for 5 minutes to pull the pulp off. Clean the carrots and leave 4 cm. Of the top sitting. Clean the spring bulbs - but keep them all. Carrots are boiled in the layer for 3 minutes immediately before serving, the last minute is added spring onion (let the layer boil again). Cabbage is cut for 1 cm. Sliced ​​and sliced ​​in hot oil with a little thyme, salt and pepper and kept warm.

The meat:
The medallions are stiffed 4 minutes on each side and rest for 10 minutes under a dish. Possibly. Steaks from the roast are poured into the sauce.

The fried cabbage is placed on the middle of the plate, the meat is placed on top of the sauce, and the sauce is poured out of the dish. Approx. 5 "gels" of 1/2 tsp. Size in the sauce around the meat. The meat is decorated with a twig of thyme. Carrots and spring onion are served on the plate next to the meat. The potatoes are served next door.

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